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One Burn (Chopped N' Skrewed) One Burn (Chopped N' Skrewed)

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

In some ways, better than the original...

And in other ways it takes what I didn't like about the first one and makes it worse. This is five minutes of music with not a lot going on. The riffs and beats themselves definitely sound much better stretched out, but you should have kept the whole song roughly the same length.

The bass at 0:54 is soooo loooow, it sounds awesome. Much better stretched out. And that synth at 3:12 sounds fantastic.

Please trim the fat off this, it would make me happy.

Mathis59 responds:

I will do my best to please :D Thnx for reviewin

One Burn One Burn

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

One love... The love to blaze...

Needs a rasta vocalist, it would definitely Improve this a lot. That being said, its still a great song. I can see myself chillin' out with some friends, Burnin one.

Mathis59 responds:

On the real tht wus wut I was thinkin when I made this beat lol thnx for reviewin

Dancing Vikings Dancing Vikings

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hypnotic Viking Pelvises.....

I can see vikings, making landfall on a giant metal ship, blasting this. They would then proceed to dance towards the townspeople, who would flee in terror. Minus the women, who would stay, entranced by the gyroscopic viking pelvises.

Pillaging and sexy times would no doubt ensue.

I loved all of it, but there was a lot of looping. You could definitely add a few more change ups in there. In particular I liked the synths used, and that crazy little riff that starts at 0:49.

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PlayTheGame responds:

lmfao thx man